Why you need to know your business resilience score

The 2020s have taught us

that even successful businesses can come unstuck when things happen outside of our control and that no business is totally immune.

Consumer and business behaviour has changed dramatically as a result of Covid-19 and businesses that have failed to adapt are running the risk of being left behind by competitors and the changing needs of their customers.

We designed the business resilience test to give you clarity on where there are gaps and weaknesses in your business that needs addressing! This enables you to focus your efforts on strengthening your finances, objectives, and performance, to maximise your business resilience and ensure you’re prepared to thrive in the 2020s.

We use the PRO method to assess your business


Assess the performance of your business using factors such as forecasting, margin, and cost control to identify where you can improve.


How resilient your business is to change by looking at profitability, capacity, and cash movement.


Understanding whether your business has clear objectives and targets so that everyone knows what it is you are aiming to achieve.

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

What will I get?

We ask a series of questions, and based on your answers assess and identity areas where your business has gaps and weaknesses so you can focus on and address these.

The PRO Method and this scorecard has been developed by a team of accountants that specialise in business performance with decades of experience, having worked with multi-million pound companies to optimise their performance and strengthen their businesses.

The three areas that make up the PRO Method enable you to clearly see where your weaknesses lie, where you’re strong, and what immediate steps you should take. 

We ask 34 rapid-fire questions about your business and finances. Based on your answers, our algorithm produces a unique scorecard, completely customised to you, you get your results immediately at the end of the test.

Find out your score in less than 5 minutes. Our free Business Resilience Scorecard is proven to work and it's 100% tailored to your business.

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We've designed this free test to enable you to identify in just a few minutes how prepared your business is to survive and thrive in the 2020s.

We’ve been working with businesses since 2010.